About us

Our humble beginnings was a small café right smack in the middle of the Central Business District, on Stanley Street, serving the office crowd with freshly baked bread and pastries and helping them to satisfy their caffeine cravings.

Since 1996, we worked hard to open various outlets all over Singapore. This time, we positioned ourselves as a library café – a cup of afternoon tea perhaps, while reading your book; or fish and chips for lunch before you head to the library to do your research; or a cup of iced coffee for you while waiting for your children at the library. You can find us in most of the National Libraries of Singapore.

We also take great pride in choosing quality coffee beans - our top grade Arabica coffee beans are imported from the Central/South America, to ensure the perfect brew each time.

It’s really a host of reasons, making us the preferred retreat for the book lovers or the favourite hangout for students after school – and we intend to keep it that way!

Why do our drinks have the unique Galilee taste?

Unknown to many, our secret lies in the special blends of mocha and vanilla powder we use for our drinks – we don’t buy our powders from any supplier – we blend them ourselves so that we get that one and only special taste which is unique to Café Galilee.

The perfect proportions of grinded Arabica coffee beans are mixed the finest chocolate powder and when used in a ice-blended drink, the chocolate powder complements the coffee powder to bring out a unique taste of a Mocha flavour where you cannot find elsewhere. For vanilla addicts, we have the success formula for vanilla powder that gives a strong vanilla fragrance and a lingering aftertaste.

We call this, the unique Galilee taste! And we are pleased to share this with you for your drinking pleasure.


We are delighted to pass through the stringent test of halal certification by MUIS on Dec 2007. Since then, Muslim customers from all walks of life have been enjoying Cafe Galilee food and beverages everyday. We will continue to meet and maintain the high standards of halal requirements so that everyone can enjoy our food and beverages with ease of conscience.

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