MAIN OFFICE – Cafe Galilee

20 Chin Bee Road
Singapore 619828

Tel: 62656256
Fax: 62650250


Café Galilee was established in 1996 with the belief of providing ‘value for money’ food and beverages coupled with a spirit of excellence in delighting customers. The Cafe is a cozy and relaxing place for our customers to chill out and socialize; a place where they can enjoy premium cuppa and a wide range of meals and snacks, serve by our friendly service crew.

The Café (on a regular basis) offers very good value-for-money promotions to our customers and we also tie-up with external marketing partners to bring in joint promotions which will benefit our patrons.

With the support of loyal customers, the cafe has grown to a chain of 6 outlets in Singapore and they may be found in these locations.

Café Galilee currently has 6 outlets in Singapore and they are situated in Jurong East Regional Library, Woodlands Regional Library, Ang Mo Kio Public Library, Queenstown Public Library, Bishan Public Library & Marine Parade Public Library.


With 10 years of café experience, we have a good understanding of the tastes and preferences of our customers from all walks of life.

While Café Galilee outlets specialize in fusion foods and drinks, Café Galilee Catering has gone the French, Asian and Vegetarian style in our pastries and savories. Freshly baked everyday, we believe in delighting the executives with the freshness our pastries and coffees.




Here’s a list of what your guests or colleagues could enjoy every training session.


  1. Banana cake
  2. Blueberry cheese cake
  3. Butter cake
  4. Carrot cake
  5. Chocolate Brownie
  6. Chocolate fudge cake
  7. Elvis Pop (Chocolate dips)
  8. Espresso cheese cake
  9. Pandan Butter Cake
  10. Fruit cake (vegetarian)
  11. Mango cheese cake
  12. Marble cheese cake
  13. Mochi (Assorted Flavour) *Coconut, Red Bean*
  14. New York cheese cake
  15. Oreo cheese cake
  16. Rainbow Swiss roll
  17. Strawberry cheese cake
  18. Tiger Swiss roll
  19. Assorted muffin
  20. Mixed fruit tarts (vegetarian)

Tarts / Pie

  1. Apple Crumble
  2. Assorted Muffins
  3. Cheese Puffs
  4. Lemon Tarts
  5. Mixed Fruit Tarts
  6. Spinach Puffs

Puff Pastry

  1. Apple Lattice
  2. Butter Croissant (vegetarian)
  3. Chicken Curry Puff
  4. Golden Crispy chicken chunks
  5. Tuna Puff
  6. Chocolate Danish
  7. Custard Danish
  8. Sausage roll
  9. Vegetarian curry puff (vegetarian)
  10. Vegetarian samosa (vegetarian)
  11. Spring Roll (vegetarian)
  12. Black Pepper chicken puff
  13. Chicken Mushroom puff
  14. Chicken Pie
  15. Vegetable Pie (vegetarian)
  16. BBQ Chicken Char Siew Pie


  1. Vegetable Pie
  2. Vegetarian Curry Puff
  3. Vegetarian Fried Samosa
  4. Vegetarian Spring Roll

Asian Delights

  1. 9 layer cake (red bean flavour) (vegetarian)
  2. Ang Ku Kueh (Peanut flavour)
  3. BBQ Chicken Pau
  4. Coconut Ball (Onde Onde)
  5. Crystal bun
  6. Glutinous Rice with coconuts (Pulut Inti)
  7. Bakar Ubi
  8. Lotus Pau (vegetarian)
  9. Rice cake
  10. Siew Mai
  11. Soon Kueh
  12. Tako
  13. Putri Salat
  14. Steam Tapioca
  15. Kuih Koci
  16. Fried Carrot cake

Sandwiches (Bread: either Croissant or White Regular)

  1. Chicken Ham
  2. Chicken Mayo
  3. Cheese & Mushroom (vegetarian)
  4. Tuna
  5. Vegetable Sandwich (vegetarian)
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